A Few Thoughts and Photo’s from Thorsby Sprint 2014

Having gotten a little disillusioned with Rallying with the Entry Fees , buerocracy and the Expensive competition coming from Ex-WRC cars at £120k plus we decided to try Sprinting on the advise of a stalwart call George who has been Sprinting for more years than I have lived to that end we put an entry in for the Thorsby Sunday Sprint run by the Nottinghamshire Motor Club at approx £116 all in this is a third of a single Venue Stage Rally.

On the morning we arrived at the venue in the Astra 888 to find little directions to the Service Area we spotted a van heading down a single track road and passing a No Entry sign so I decided to follow them to a chorus from Julie of “You Carnot do that it say’s NO Entry” anyway we arrived at a Field with Sports Cars, Race Cars, Specials and Camper Vans we pulled up along side a Camper van and I jumped out to have a look around at this point I noticed the Camper Van was swaying from side to sided and Animal like noises “Coming” from inside

My immediate thoughts were that these Sprinters seem nice People!!!!


More on the Day to follow!!!



photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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