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How to set up your rally Car

Computer Controlled Four Wheel Alignment and Full Corner Weight Scales Setup
Many people believe that the easiest route to make your car more competitive is by spending money tuning the engine.
What is often overlooked is the potential that can be released by paying attention to the suspension.
Blades Rally Team are pleased to announce that it is able to offer four wheel alignment after purchasing a Hunter J 111 Computer Alignment system and Longacre corner weight scales.
As well as measuring toe in/out, caster, camber, KPI – it will measure
front to rear thrust axis and bump steer.
Corner weights are an often overlooked area which is very important in suspension setting up. If your wheels are not exerting a uniform force from side to side then the handling characteristics will also vary regardless of suspension geometry, (Imagine sitting at a restaurant with a table that wobbles. This is due to it having a leg which is not touching the ground in the same way the other three are) In this particular case the ground may be uneven but with your car it is the suspension which is uneven and giving the car the wobbly table effect. By corner weighting a car, handling can be transformed. Corner weights are set first then suspension geometry. A saloon car can normally be balanced without the Driver or Navigator.

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